What Are Research and Development Expenses

What Are Research and Development Expenses?

What are research and development expenses? What is involved in a research and development or R&D process? Let us find out below.

What Are Research and Development Expenses?

There are various kinds of R&D expenses. Firstly, they are expenses incurred by the company to develop new products or services. For example, if a company hires a freelance programmer to create a new program, this expense will be considered an R&D expense. 

Secondly, R&D expenses are on research and experiment processes. For example, a business can conduct research on how to improve the quality of its product. 

Thirdly, R&D expenses are also by the company to develop new processes. For example, if a company wants to develop a new manufacturing process, it will incur R&D expenses on the experimentation process.

What Are Involved in a Research and Development Process?

Early Stages

The following are involved in an R&D process. Firstly, the development of ideas is involved in an R&D process. Most of the time, the development of ideas takes place in an internal environment of the company. 

However, when this idea is developed into a product or service, it will undergo formal testing and evaluation processes. Of course, before being launched into the market or even before being sold at an initial price point. 

Secondly, the experimentation process is next. The experimentation process is conducted to test ideas or products that are developed earlier by the company. Companies usually conduct experimental processes internally/ This is by using their employees as well as through external sources such as freelancers and consultants.

Then, they conduct experiments about the product or service developed earlier. So that they can try to improve its quality through various ways. Such as improving its functionality and its efficiency. 

Furthermore, the evaluation process comes next. The evaluation process is there to measure achievement against objectives set earlier for an idea or product development. 

Usually, this evaluation process takes place after the experimentation process has been completed. So that companies can know whether their ideas are effective enough for testing further or not. This is for implementing them on their next products or services that they want to introduce into the market later.

Last Stages

Then, they implement the ideas developed earlier into their products or services. The implementation process is conducted to test the effectiveness of these ideas. For example, a company can develop a new product and implement it into an existing product so that they know whether it is effective or not.

Last but not least, they will try to improve their products or services through a continuous improvement process. This process is very similar to the experimentation process. However, it takes place after the implementation process has been completed.


So, if you want to know what are the R&D expenses, you should know how the process of R&D takes place. The above article is all about R&D expenses in simple terms. So, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this matter, feel free to comment below.

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