Product Development Unit

Product Development Unit

Creating a product development unit is important if you want to release new products to the market. But how can you make this unit and who should be in it? Find out below.

Product Development Unit

To begin, what is a product development unit? It is a team that develops new products. A product is a good or a service that is developed for sale in the market. A unit is composed of a few people who are responsible for the development of new products. 

These are the people who should make up your unit:

  • Product Manager. He is the head of the product development unit. He is responsible for overseeing the development of new products. Further, he will also report directly to the CEO.
  • Designer. The designer will implement and design ideas and concepts for the new product. He will also manage other people involved in making the product, such as programmers and testers.
  • Programmer. The programmer will code and program ideas into the software so that it can be tested, tried, and implemented. He will also manage other programmers in the team.
  • Tester. The tester will test the new product to ensure that it works properly and can be sold to customers without problems. He will also manage other people in testing, such as technical writers and documentation writers.
  • Requirements Manager. This manager is only needed when your company has many products with different features, or if your company has many clients with different demands for products. This person will determine what needs to be in each product for each client, what needs to be in each product overall for all clients, and more. Also, he ensures that all needs are met when developing a new product and that each product is different from all others.

Product Development Unit

Companies that develop new products often have a team like this. But a small company may only need one or two people in that team because they might not have many products to develop at once. 

Some companies might only let one person handle this job. Because they don’t have enough work at once to warrant more than one person working on it at once. But even then, they still need someone who can oversee all of their programs. Because they might not be able to release them all at once or on time if they don’t have someone monitoring them constantly during development. 

Further, it is also possible that some companies don’t even have their staff to make their products. They may outsource it to smaller companies who can make their products for them (the outsourcing company may even hire some of your employees). 

Just remember that every company needs its developers and designers if they want to make their programs or applications. So you should always have them if you make your own.


So, if you are planning to make your products and applications, you should think about making a product development unit. If you are a small company, you may only need one or two people. But if you are a bigger company, you will need a lot of people in that unit. 

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