Research and Development Engineer

Research and Development Engineer

What does the research and development engineer do? What does he contribute to the company that he is working for? Let us learn about this position below.

Research and Development Engineer

A research and development engineer is responsible for many things. Firstly, he is the one to develop new and innovative products for the company that he is working for. He should also be able to see to it that the products that will be developed by his company are the ones that will be on top of the market.

Further, the engineer is also tasked to work on those products that are already being sold in the market, to make them better. So, this may mean improving the design, adding more features, or improving its durability. He should also be able to mentor other engineers in his company.

Additionally, this person is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the laboratory equipment that is being used by the company. He should also be able to work on the equipment and make sure that it can produce as much as possible.

Also, this person is tasked to develop new products for his company. So, he must be able to research and come up with new product ideas that can either improve on the current products or can become new products altogether.

He should also oversee that his company’s produced goods are of good quality; as such, he will be able to perform tests on them to check their quality. Moreover, he should also ensure that all of their products are safe for the consumers since it will be on him if any harm will come to them while using their products.

Finally, another responsibility that falls on him is the creation of new processes to increase productivity in his company. This means that he should be able to search for ways on how they can improve on their current production methods. 

What Are the Requirements to Be a Research and Development Engineer?

To become a research and development engineer, one must have a bachelor’s degree in any of the fields of engineering (mechanical, civil, computer, chemical, etc.). He should also have at least three years of experience in this field.

Moreover, he must have excellent problem-solving skills and must be able to come up with innovative ideas for products. He must also be able to communicate well with his team members and leaders. So, this person needs to cultivate good leadership and management skills. 

Then, the engineer must also be able to work under constant time pressure and should always be able to deliver his products on time. He should also have good social skills since he needs to be able to deal with other people.


Being a research and development engineer is not only about expanding the company’s market share but is also about being at the forefront of the company’s success. So, this person will be rewarded for his efforts in helping his company grow bigger. That means that there is good compensation in this position.

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