Product Development Engineer

Product Development Engineer

What is a product development engineer? What are the roles and responsibilities that come with this kind of position? If you want to know, then read on.

Product Development Engineer

A product development engineer is a person that is in charge of the design, development, and production of a product. The product development engineer is the one who is responsible for coming up with solutions to the problems encountered during the production stage.

Then, engineers are involved in the whole design process for any product. They have to come up with a concept before they start anything else. This concept should be based on research and surveys that are conducted to find out what the public wants.

Further, an engineer has to know how to use different software programs like 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE programs. They also have to know how to apply principles of engineering such as physics, mechanics, materials science, and electronics. This is to make their product functional and safe.

Moreover, an engineer also has to conduct different kinds of tests on his or her product before it can be introduced into the market. Usually, these tests are conducted to make sure that the product will not pose any danger to the user or his or her surroundings. These tests can be applied manually or through machines.

The Roles of a Product Development Engineer

The roles of a product development engineer can be grouped into two categories: 

  • Management Role. These roles involve management tasks such as planning resources, evaluating costs and schedules. As well as recruiting employees, processing data and running a project from start to finish.
  • Design Role. These roles involve designing tasks such as designing products, processes, and services for clients. As well as collaborating with other departments and doing research for new products or services.

Also, they have many responsibilities that they have to fulfill for them to do their jobs well. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Coming up with solutions when there are problems encountered during production stages  
  • Being familiar with computer-aided design (CAD) software programs 
  • Being knowledgeable about engineering principles 
  • Conducting different kinds of tests on their finished products 
  • Making sure that their products will not harm users or their surroundings when they are used 
  • Managing projects from start to finish 
  • Designing products based on what customers want 
  • Collaborating with other departments within their company 
  • Doing research for new products or services

How to Become One

How, then, do you become one? To be a product development engineer, you first need to complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering. It is important that the studies that you took in school were related to engineering and technology. This will make it easier for you to work in the industry.

These studies can include biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, and mechanical engineering.

Then, after your education, you should then look for job opportunities. You can start by applying on online job sites like and You can also apply on the company’s website or send your resume directly to the company and ask them if they have any openings at the moment.

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