Product Research Definition

Product Research Definition

What is the product research definition you need to know? Why is this important for your company? How can you do this properly? Let us find out how below.

Product Research Definition

Product research refers to the activities that are carried out to find out information about the product. This includes the type and features of the product, competitors of the products, etc. It also includes customer feedback and market research. The main aim is to find out the customer needs, wants, and expectations. 

Then, this is done to decide whether to change or modify the existing products or services or to develop new ones. Also, you need to look into all aspects of the product life cycle.

Further, in today’s highly competitive market, you cannot survive unless you have an excellent product. Your company will not be able to return decent profits unless you have an excellent product. Product research is therefore very important for any organization. Any organization must focus on developing a quality product.

Yet, if you do not do this, then your competitors will soon develop a better quality product than yours and beat you in your own game.

Additionally, product research includes market research, competitor analysis, and more. These are done to determine your customer requirements and expectations regarding your products or services. 

Also, if a company wants to enter a new market segment with its existing products or services, then it must conduct market research. So that it can find out whether there are enough customers available in that segment who have a demand for its products or services.

If there are not enough customers available in the segment for its products or services, then it should conduct further market research before entering that segment with its products or services. This is to figure out what types of modifications should be made to its existing products or services. This is to make them more attractive and useful for the potential customers in that market.

Product Research: Why Important?

It is crucial for any organization doing business in today’s highly competitive marketplace to conduct effective and efficient product research studies before launching a new product or service into the marketplace. This is because, without it, any organization risks losing a significant amount of money invested in developing the new product or service. Especially if it turns out that there are no potential customers available in the market willing to purchase.

So, if companies want to save valuable resources and make the right decision regarding their product or service offerings, then they must conduct the right product research.

The major challenges of conducting effective product research are time and cost. So, companies must be able to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, it may be too late for them. They may not have enough time to change their current product if it turns out that there are no potential customers. This will result in a lost opportunity.


So, if you want to save time and money on your product research efforts, then you should learn about the best ways of doing this. This will enable you to make more efficient use of your time and resources spent on your product research efforts.

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