Who Is Responsible for Product Development

Who Is Responsible for Product Development?

Who is responsible for product development? What are the roles and duties of this person? If you want to know more, then read on below.

Who Is Responsible for Product Development?

The person responsible for product development is the company’s product manager. He is the one who develops new products. In a company that makes different products, there will be different product managers for each product.

The product manager’s roles are as follows:

  • Directs the development of new products.
  • Analyses the market and the competition to see if the new product will be able to sell well in the market. If it doesn’t, then he has to think of ways to improve it so that it will sell well in the market.
  • Then, he has to research how to develop the new product so that it will be able to meet the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Make sure that the design, development, and production of the new product will be done on time and within budget. Also, he has to make sure that everything is done according to plan.
  • Further, he keeps track of all the activities and milestones of the new product during its development.
  • Finally, based on his research, he can revise or update an existing product if necessary.

Product Manager’s Duties

Researching on New Products

The product manager researches what kind of new products can be produced by his company and what markets can sell them. The new products must have something new and unique that people are not already used to seeing or using. 

Further, it must also be something that customers will buy because they think it can help them in various aspects of their lives and work. Then, once a good idea is found, he will do some more research on how this idea can be developed into a finished product. So that it can be sold in the market. 

Finally, he will also research what features and benefits this finished product should have. So that it will meet customers’ expectations and needs perfectly.

Developing New Products

Once he has researched a good idea for a new product, he then develops this idea into a finished product. This is by using his creativity as well as his knowledge about production methods and materials used in his company’s products so far. He also makes sure that all legal requirements are met when developing this idea into a finished product. Such as safety standards set by government agencies.

Planning for Production and Storage of New Products

Finally, he also creates another plan for the production and storage of the new product after it has been developed successfully. This plan includes how many finished products should be produced and stored based on their sales forecast in the market. He also describes everything needed for producing or storing these finished products properly. Such as machinery, tools needed for each task during production or storage, and staff needed for each task during production or storage. etc. 

Product Manager for Product Development

So, the role of a product manager is very important in a company that wants to develop good products. Without him doing his research on what kind of new products can be developed by his company, it is hard to make a good product.

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