What Is Product Development in Fashion

What Is Product Development in Fashion?

What is product development in fashion? What does this mean in this industry? And what is its importance? If you want to know more, keep on reading.

What Is Product Development in Fashion?

In the fashion industry, product development means the process of creating new products or services from the raw materials to the final product. This involves designing, customizing, producing, and marketing. In this process, the different phases of the product life cycle apply to this industry as well.

The stages of product development in fashion:

  • Idea generation
  • Conceptualizing
  • Product design and development
  • Commercialization (manufacturing and marketing)
  • Retail launch and distribution

Fashion companies are always on the lookout for ideas that will make their brand name known to more people. The more popular the brand will be, the more sales it will be able to achieve and that translates into higher profits.

So, this is where ideas are generated or thought of by professionals in the fashion industry. These professionals include designers, marketers, accountants, production, and other personnel who work together. This is to come up with a product that is appealing to people and profitable as well.

Each company has its way of generating ideas for development. They research what consumers want and what they need. They also take note of their competitors’ products. Further, they use their creativity in coming up with an idea that will surely sell in the market. Generating an idea may take time. But it would surely be worth it in the end if it becomes a great hit among consumers.

Once the idea is generated, then comes the conceptualizing stage which includes developing concepts for products or services and getting approval from management. This process also involves creating a prototype which is a sample or model of what exactly the product will look like when finished or completed. 

Doing Product Development in Fashion

After conceptualizing, then it is time for product design and development which means creating a detailed plan for each part of the product. Planning on what will be made including its design, color scheme, and accessories among others. 

This way, everything would be decided upon before production starts so there would be no problem when making the final product later on. Product design and development also includes samples which are trial products made first before actual production begins. So there would be no problem once manufacturing begins later on. 

Once these phases are done, then comes commercialization which involves manufacturing and marketing the fashion products being developed by companies. The next stage after commercialization is retail launch where companies exhibit their new products to everyone.

This may be through advertisements in magazines, newspapers, or television shows among others. So they can already see what they have been working on. Thus, this will entice previous and potential customers to upcoming products.


As you can see, it is in the product development stage where designers, marketers, and other professionals in this industry can come up with great and exciting products. These products would surely be a hit with everyone and will improve the company’s reputation and image. And this will result in being profitable in the end.

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