research and development duties and responsibilities

Research and Development Duties and Responsibilities

What are the research and development duties and responsibilities? Read on to learn more.

What Is Research and Development?

Research and development (R&D) is the process of designing, conducting, and documenting experiments to make scientific and technological advances

The purpose of research and development is to increase knowledge, solve problems, and develop new technologies. And that will lead to new products, services, or ways of doing things.

The term research and development is often used interchangeably with the term applied research. 

Applied research goes beyond basic research to focus on producing practical results that can be used by industry or society.

Research and development can happen in private industry, universities, medical centers, or even government agencies.

Most companies employ their own research teams to conduct R&D activities. 

Research and Development Duties and Responsibilities

Research and development specialists are responsible for leading research efforts.

They are typically multidisciplinary in their approach. Also, they are working closely with teams of engineers, scientists, and other professionals to achieve research goals.

Research and development specialists are expected to have an excellent knowledge of their organization’s products or services.

They must have a strong understanding of the organization’s customers’ needs. They should also know how the product or service can meet those needs. 

Research and development specialists may also be responsible for ensuring that the organization meets regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials or product testing. 

They often work in teams with marketing specialists to design new products or develop new uses for existing products.

Research and Development Responsibilities

Research and development specialists share the following responsibilities:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan, including what experiments will be conducted, how many subjects will be involved in the trial, and an outline of the tests to be used. 
  • Collecting data as needed from experiments previously conducted by other doctors, medical researchers, or engineers
  • Conducting research tests and experiments to gather data on a particular project or product. 
  • Analyzing the data produced by the experiment and making any necessary adjustments to the study’s design or results. 
  • Creating reports detailing test results and any conclusions drawn from those results. 

Research and development specialists may prepare these reports for internal use within their own company or agency, as well as for publication in scientific journals, trade publications, or technical manuals. 

Developing new technologies or processes that can be used during clinical trials for drugs or medical devices. 

Research and development specialists may also work with doctors to conduct clinical outcome studies to determine whether a drug is effective at treating certain diseases or conditions. 

Specialists may also evaluate whether existing drugs can be used to treat other conditions that were not originally intended by drug manufacturers. 

The Bottom Line

People who work as research and development specialists typically enjoy working with their hands and must be highly detail-oriented. 

They must also be able to work as part of a team, as well as independently, and communicate effectively with doctors and other research staff. 

Research and development specialists may need to travel to conduct experiments or visit client facilities to learn more about their needs, which could require them to spend long hours on the road.

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