Product Research Analyst Job Description

Product Research Analyst Job Description

Do you know what a product research analyst job description is? Do you know what the tasks and duties and tasks this person has? If not, then read on.

Product Research Analyst Job Description

A product research analyst is a person that works in a business that deals with the creation or development of products. This includes components, equipment, tools, and systems that can be used to create other products. Their job is to conduct research and analysis about a product to make informed decisions about how it is made or what it can do. 

Further, they may determine what the needs of consumers are for the product or service in question. Also, the quality of the product compared to competitors’ products. Or what changes should be made to improve it?

Then, these analysts are found in manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, and other organizations. Ones that produce goods and services. They can also be found in government agencies at all levels and consulting companies.

Product Research Analyst Tasks

The main duties of a product research analyst are:

  • Researching a specific product or service. The research they conduct may focus on consumer trends, demographics, pricing strategies. As well as new technology, consumer wants, and needs, competitor products. Or any other part of the business they are reviewing related to their product.
  • Finding answers to specific questions posed by the company. This may include whether there is a market for their product at all. Or if there would be if a change was made. As well as how much consumers would pay for it (if applicable), which features they want most in it and why. And on what improvements could be made to make it better than competitors’ products and whether those improvements would increase profits. Then, the answers they find may influence how the company creates or develops its product or service.
  • Gaining insight into consumer attitudes toward their company’s specific brand of products or services compared with others’ brands. This information can help them decide how to price their products when competing with other companies. Or what kinds of improvements should be made to their brand’s image among consumers.
  • Determining whether new technology would help improve the quality of their product or make it easier to create more profitably. For example, a research analyst might review whether new machinery could produce an existing product more efficiently. That is versus current machinery. Or if new technology could improve comfort while riding a bicycle so people would buy more bikes overall.
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns based on surveys they have conducted to determine which have been most effective among customers and why. So they can repeat successful campaigns instead of spending money on ineffective ones again.


So, if you are interested in a career as a product research analyst, this is what you would do on the job. Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information about the type of work you would do if you took the position. And what skills and education you would need to have for it. If you are looking for more information related to products, check out our previous article on product management jobs.

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