Product Development Process

Product Development Process

Do you know what the product development process looks like? Do you know why this kind of process is crucial for every business today? If not, then read on.

Product Development Process

To begin, a product development process refers to a sequence of processes that product designers and developers pursue. This is to ensure the development of a product that is likely to succeed in the market. The process includes all stages that the product goes through before it gets to the market.

Then, the process is normally a multi-stage process that leads to the creation of a final product. The first stage normally begins with the design of a prototype, which is then tested and improved upon in other stages. At every stage, new products are created, tested, modified, and improved upon to meet the needs of customers.

Product Development Process Stages


This stage involves brainstorming ideas for producing new products. Ideas are generated after evaluating customer needs and wants. And then identifying how competitors are satisfying these needs and wants. Ideas are then evaluated on how they can be converted into viable products that will serve a profitable purpose.

Product Research and Development

This stage focuses on developing new ideas into tangible prototypes (product models) using different materials and production processes. This involves:

  • developing blueprints, drafting designs, 
  • researching materials, c
  • conducting experiments using prototypes, 
  • documenting research findings, and 
  • making necessary modifications to existing prototypes before moving onto the next phase.

Engineering Design

After an idea has been conceptualized, it is translated into drawings for production purposes. This involves designing all aspects of the product including its shape, size, color. And all other features that make it appealing to customers as well as production methods required for its manufacture and assembly.

Further, this phase also involves designing packaging procedures for the smooth delivery of products at the end of the production process. As well as post-production processes for maintenance or repair of products in future years.

Manufacturing Plan

The manufacturing plan covers all aspects of production from raw material acquisition to final assembly (if required). It is designed in such a way that it guarantees customer satisfaction. This is done by providing a smooth delivery system at competitive prices while making optimum use of available resources. This is to minimize cost at every stage while maximizing customer satisfaction levels at every stage. Of course, with minimum risks involved in production and sales processes.

Testing Phase

In this phase, products undergo thorough tests. This is to ensure customer satisfaction levels are met at every step of the production process. From manufacturing to packaging and shipping. Then, the testing phase is critical because any defect found here means going back. So, companies need to get it right the first time.

Product Launch and Marketing

Finally, after testing, a product is launched into the market. To ensureĀ customer satisfaction, the marketer focuses on promoting brand loyalty and repeat purchases. This is by providing excellent customer service levels. Thus, ensuring safe delivery of products to customers and providing competitive prices.

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