Product Development Life Cycle

Product Development Life Cycle

Today, we will talk about the product development life cycle. We will know in this article what its definition is. And we will know why this is important. So, read on.

Product Development Life Cycle

A product development life cycle refers to a series of steps or stages involved in product development. It is also referred to as a product life cycle. Thus, it is the process or procedure for developing a new product. It involves the various activities relating to the design, creation, manufacture, and marketing of a product.

Further, it is an essential part of the product management process. It involves various steps or phases. And these steps are executed sequentially to ensure that the product is developed correctly. Also, to ensure it is market-relevant and can be marketed profitably. This life cycle can be followed by larger companies as well as small companies.

A business analyst plays an important role in the software development life cycle. He or she works closely with the business stakeholders and the software developers. The main role of the business analyst is to understand what exactly needs to be done from a functional point of view. And then map out how this needs to be done from an implementation perspective.

So, what exactly is Business Analysis? The term business analysis refers to a broad range of activities that includes:

Then, the main objective of these activities is to enable stakeholders to understand and analyze their business concepts. So that they can create solutions that are aligned with business goals and objectives. So, the ultimate goal is to create a solution that enables maximum value creation for all stakeholders involved.

Product Development Life Cycle Stages

What, then, are the stages of a product development life cycle? First, the product concept and requirements need to be identified. This is done by analyzing the needs of the target market.  

Based on the analysis, a business team then determines whether or not the project should be undertaken. And what it needs to accomplish. To do this, they perform a feasibility analysis.

Then, if the feasibility study shows that the project can be undertaken, they move on to the requirements gathering stage. This is where they will determine what exactly needs to be developed. And also, how to go about doing it from a development perspective. 

Then, once the requirements have been gathered and analyzed, the business analyst works with the software developers to create an architecture for the solution. And this will include both technical and non-technical aspects of it. After this stage has been completed, then the technical design stage begins. 

And finally, when all of these stages have been completed successfully, then the new product or solution is deployed into production. At this point, it is ready to be used by users for various purposes.


While businesses may not follow these steps in order or at all, there are many different types of products that are being developed for various purposes today. So, following a life cycle approach is key to ensure that everything goes smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

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