Product Development Head

Product Development Head

What is a product development head? What are the roles and responsibilities of this person? How does he contribute to the company he is working for? Find out below.

Product Development Head

A product development head is someone responsible for overseeing the development of a product before it is launched. He is also in charge of overseeing theĀ product’s lifecycle, right from its inception and design. Then, to its after-sales service, marketing and branding, and support. In short, he is responsible for the entire product’s existence.

Also, the job of the product development head can be considered as one of the most important roles in a company. After all, this is the person who gets his hands dirty by being part of the team that designs and develops a new product.

Then, the job ahead is to take care of the development of the product and bring it to completion. The head usually has a team that works under him, made up of developers. And other team members that are specialized in various tasks such as programming and designing.

Moreover, he is responsible for defining the requirements of the product. This means that he needs to find out what the product is supposed to do. And what it should be able to do once it is finished. He also needs to define the deadlines and the budget for the product.

Further, the head of development also needs to make sure that everything goes smoothly throughout the process of development. 

And finally, he needs to make sure that quality is kept at a high level throughout the development process. Because, without quality, a product cannot be considered successful or good for users.

Product Development Head Responsibilities

So if you are thinking about becoming a product development head, here are some of your responsibilities:

  • Defining the requirements of a product. The first thing you need to do as head of development is to define the requirements of a product. Very much like an architect, who has to find out what a building should look like, you need to find out what this particular product should be able to do. You need to define what kind of features it should have and how it should work for people to use it. 
  • Creating deadlines. Once you have defined what kind of features a product should have, you need to set deadlines for when these features should be completed. Deadlines can be very helpful because they help keep things on track during development. 
  • Setting a budget. You also need to set a budget for your product before starting its development process. You usually don’t want your budget to exceed its deadline. Because this will just add more pressure on your team members and could result in negative consequences.
  • Directing team members. Also, directing your team members is one of your most important responsibilities as head of development. You need to make sure that everyone is working together on this particular project. Because this will define your success.


So, if you are thinking about becoming a product development head, it is important to know what the responsibilities of this position are. You need to be responsible for defining the requirements of a product and creating deadlines for it. 

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