Product Development Function

Product Development Function

What is the most important product development function? What are some of the other functions of this process? Let us find out together below.

Product Development Function

The function of product development is to convert an abstract idea into a physical reality. This process involves the following activities:

  • Conceptualization of the product Ideation and sketching of the product 
  • Engineering drawing of the product 
  • Testing of the product 
  • Designing, engineering, and testing the product 
  • Manufacturing of the product 
  • Testing and evaluation of the product 
  • Market launch of the product

Product Development Process

Let us now discuss how a new product is developed.

Idea Generation

Idea generation is the first step in this process. It can be generated internally or externally. Internally, it may be generated by an individual or a team. External ideas may come from customer feedback, or competitor products or services. Then, the next step is to generate concepts based on these ideas.

Idea Screening & Conceptualization

Ideas are filtered out in this stage by assessing their potential¬†profitability. Those that are leftover are conceptualized based on their innovativeness and uniqueness. A concept map is then drawn to summarize its basic features and characteristics. Conceptualization is critical to a new product’s success, as it determines its features and helps in its efficient design.

Designing & Engineering the Product 

The conceptualized ideas are then converted into a physical reality through this stage, which involves designing and engineering workflows. Designing involves converting ideas into blueprints, while engineering involves translating blueprints into components and parts that can be used to manufacture the final product. Then, the final design is then tested for its utility and feasibility. This is through various tests such as bench tests, prototype tests, pilot tests, etc.

Prototyping & Pilot Testing

In this step, prototypes are made according to the designs created in the previous step. These prototypes are then used for pilot testing with customers (or end-users) who will eventually use them in real-life situations. Based on their feedback, further changes are made to ensure that they adapt well to real-life conditions. 

Then, these changes can include fixing problems or creating new features. Once this is done, mass production begins based on these designs. Mass production also includes continuous testing throughout production processes to ensure quality products are being manufactured. Finally, once mass production has begun, marketing campaigns begin to promote sales.

Product Development Group

If you are planning to establish a product development group, there are some things that you have to consider. For example, you have to decide on the members of this group. In addition, you have to decide on the roles that they will play and how they will interact with each other. 

Then, you also need to decide on how you will assign tasks and responsibilities among them. As well as how their performance will be assessed.

So, you need to determine the roles of each member of the product development group and how they will interact with each other. Also, assign tasks and responsibilities among them. Then, decide on how their performance will be assessed. And determine how to manage the group’s workflow.

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